We Help Veterans Become Impactful Entrepreneurs!

Veterans make excellent entrepreneurs.

They are disciplined, methodical and do not sweat the small stuff!

We know first hand the difficulties some of our Veterans face in transitioning back to a civilian type of lifestyle. It can be extremely tough, yet with the right activities we will work together to reignite your passions, we’re hoping we can help you by providing techniques and communication styles that will help mend the gap in communication between you and your loved ones!

We are in the process right now of creating online workshops for you, so stay tuned!

Entrepreneurship offers Veterans an incredible opportunity to thrive and flourish. If done correctly, it allows almost unlimited income and impact potential, while leaving an amazing legacy for your family and community.

Most Veterans are passionate about giving back to their communities, and if this is where you are heading there is potential for you to receive free funding and grants to help advertise your business and help more people. Every year, billions of dollars are given out to educational and philanthropic organizations to accelerate their mission.

We have a strong relationship with Entrepreneur Empowered. Because of this organization we were able to secure grants from companies like GOOGLE!!! None of it would have been possible without them.

SFCWR was founded by a Veteran and a civilian, this will provide tremendous value for you on your journey because you will get guidance from two different perspectives!

We are on a mission to change one Veteran life at a time through entrepreneurship.

We have assembled a team of entrepreneurial professionals who are ready to offer business, legal, marketing, technology, finance, and funding strategies to help you and your business succeed!

Take a second to tell us about your business idea and how we can help you launch it, fund it, and grow it!

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