We are currently about a quarter of the way to reaching our goal of sponsoring a Service Dog!!!

Conducting outreach campaigns with our partners.

Mentoring Veterans and Non Veterans in the setup of entrepreneurial endeavors. Our Non Veteran Clients are focused on hiring and mentoring Veterans!!

Coordinating Zoom calls for group sessions due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Working with Veterans to establish short-term and long-term housing.

Conducting outreach in-person visits to struggling Veterans across the entire US!!!

Assisting Veterans in filling out applications and applying for different type of assistance.

Coordinating home repairs with qualified and licensed contractors on homes of Veterans.

We CANNOT do what we do without help from you, please consider donating to our nonprofit. We will continue to help anyone who has served our Country, regardless of which branch of military they served. We are all connected by our love for this Country and the opportunities within it. Our Veterans are willing to die to defend it and we are willing to do anything to make sure they know we have their backs when they get home!

Please consider donating, so we can continue to have a BIGGER impact on the Veteran community. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW! THANK YOU!

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