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Why Will Rommel Is A Special Dude by Bill Herdman Although I feel like I’ve known this guy my whole life it’s only really been a couple short years. Will holds a really special place in my heart. He is an American hero who… Continue Reading “THOUGHTS FROM A FRIEND”

The Entrepreneurial Veteran

Maybe it was in high school, maybe it was a couple of years out of high school when you began feeling lost and out of place. Maybe you had parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters or friends who served our Country. Maybe the 9-5 grind… Continue Reading “The Entrepreneurial Veteran”

Service Dog Rio to the Rescue

Rio has been able to give Will Rommel a sense of peace and freedom from the paralyzing internal struggle inflicted by PTSD. Will and Rio have an unbreakable bond which they use to help other Veterans who are silently struggling to transition back into… Continue Reading “Service Dog Rio to the Rescue”

PTSD Flashback

In the video link below Will describes his interaction with Trooper Joshua L. Dunmire of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Will was heading home from a buddy check and while driving behind a tractor trailer, he began experiencing a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)… Continue Reading “PTSD Flashback”