Keep Getting back up

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

Nelson Mandela

We fall. We get back up. We fall. We get back up. It is never about how many times we fall, it has everything to do with getting back up. Even if it is just one more time.

Our current experiences are a direct reflection of what we are feeling within ourselves. There are times we feel we have been sucker punched in the gut and our worlds have been turned upside down not knowing which end is up. This year has already shown us volatility and desperation on disproportionate scales as well as the ability to join forces and rebuild better and stronger societal systems.

This has NOTHING to do with you deserving what you are currently experiencing, it has EVERYTHING to do with with how you are truly feeling deep down inside. Our environment is a mirror into our soul. If there is struggle and conflict in our environment it is because it resides within ourselves.

The Universe is communicating to you through people and situations by calling attention to what is resonating deep down within you. Some of us are really good at pushing down feelings and we can do this for days, months and even years, but there comes a day of reckoning where no amount of minimizing or “sucking it up” can withstand the truth. While we are in this state of denial, we are actually unconsciously communicating to the Universe to help bring out what we are feeling deep down inside of us.

Our truth is not to be minimized, our truth can not be squashed forever, it has to be brought to the light. When we shine our truth, people will become blinded by it and be blindsided by it. This is not the time to become apologetic, this becomes our time to grow and contribute to ourselves. This becomes a huge step in the right direction of respecting, forgiving and ultimately learning to love ourselves.

How can we see, feel, experience any level of kindness, forgiveness, support, love or empowerment of others, if we cannot be these things to ourselves. Everything starts and ends within. Why is it that we can accept all the criticism and negative life experiences as karma? But then minimize any kind of self worth and compassion we can muster up for ourselves.

Feeling critical and judgmental towards our inner circle is not only common, it is inevitable. As we grow, we are going to evaluate and reevaluate our circumstances. It is human nature to take inventory of what you have, where you have been and where you are going.

As we walk our talk and become more aligned with our truth, we will have to say good bye to certain people. This good bye is not meant to cause harm, this good bye is meant to keep you in alignment with who you are meant to be and continue to become. Friends and family tend to fall away because they are not meant to be on the same path at the same time as you and this is a totally and perfectly normal form of individual progression.

My intention for you is to have an honest and open discussion with the Universe. Just YOU and the Universe. This exercise will be the start of an emotional detox. Give yourself permission to be completely honest with what you are struggling with and verbalize to the Universe. Let the Universe respond in kind, whether it is in the form of guidance, whether it is to be more understanding, more forgiving, more loving or more of anything. Ask the Universe for guidance, a sign that you are on the right track or inspiration. Then take a deep breath and listen to what it has to say.

The clearer you become with your intentions, the easier it will be to follow the Universe’s guidance. We are never truly alone, sometimes we are unable to see the resources available to us. The resources have been there are along, we were just blind to them until we turn on our light.

Every day we get to wake up and try again. We will fall. We will get back up. And every time we are getting back up, we must remind ourselves we are first doing this for ourselves with the intention it will inspire others who are struggling. Our promise at SFCWR is that we are in this together and we will make a stronger community with our commitment to unity!

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  1. Thank you my friend. We all need to have someone like you sending something like this!

    • Hope to continue to reach more. We have to take care of our own. Nobody else is going too.

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