Why Will Rommel Is A Special Dude by Bill Herdman

Although I feel like I’ve known this guy my whole life it’s only really been a couple short years. Will holds a really special place in my heart. He is an American hero who fought for our freedoms and now pays this huge price so we can all live the way we do, and he doesn’t regret a second of it.

He loves his fellow veterans and lives to spread the word about Veteran suicide which he is lucky enough to be here still today because of his failed attempts. I tell him I love him every time I see him because I appreciate and love the friend he is to me. Loyal to the core.

I always think to myself how I would’ve loved to be friends with Will before he went away to enjoy the person that was and left on the battle field. I know for a fact that all this tragedy and trauma did not change his soul and that’s where I focus our friendship when weird things happen that would be maybe wrong of someone without the damage he has sustained.

Being friends with Will has changed my life so so much all for the better. He has taught me how to deal with anxieties and pressure situations that previously I could never imagine handling now I handle everything like a breeze.

One thing I notice a lot is his forgetfulness of something he put tons of thought into. Anything Will does he invests his whole heart and mind. He will be talking about a plan he has and put all kinds of thought into it and then it just disappears because he can’t stay focused on things for long from the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). From time to time out of nowhere I will see him get super antsy and anxious because something will trigger the PTSD and give him a horrible anxiety attack.

When I say trigger, it could be anything, a smell or a feeling or a sound and he is stuck in a position and even though he’s still standing in front of me his mind is gone back to whatever created this to be a trigger. I look way beyond this and back to his soul because that’s the guy I became friends with and I know although he has learned to control some of this, Rio has a major part in controlling and bringing him back. It is still a major part of his life and always will be. I feel that since Will and Rio have rescued each other Will’s life has made a massive 360.

At first it was just going out and meeting people and being able to be out in public. Then it led him to voicing his concerns and recognizing other Veterans and their struggles. Now, Will is reaching out to Veterans letting them know they’re not alone and there are resources out there to help them. This has led to Will starting a non profit to help raise awareness and money for Veterans in need of anything from mental help to a Service Dog.

Rio is a very special animal. I have seen him working with his vest on out in public places and I’ve seen him do his job while we were hanging out having a beer on the couch and amazingly enough I’ve had Rio come to me several times when I was stressed or anxious and made me feel better instantly. I love Rio also like he’s my own and I think he loves me too. I hope that this helps someone who doesn’t understand the effects of PTSD on our soldiers.

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