Back in 2019 when Will and I were discussing potential future plans of SFCWR, we NEVER in a million years expected these plans to come to fruition so quickly and have such an immediate impact. Every day we are being inspired and amazed by YOU. From Veterans reaching out to us and giving us the opportunity to empower them to the financial support and services provided by YOU!

In the video below Will recorded a very powerful message while on the road for our Circuit for a Cause. THIS IS OUR WHY. This road trip which is still ongoing was designed for two very important reasons. The first reason is to raise funds to be able to sponsor Service Dogs. The second reason is to educate as many people as we can on how many Veterans we are losing everyday to suicide. We are collaborating everyday with business owners and community leaders to brainstorm on ways to get our Veterans more involved in the community.

If there is ONE thing you could do right now to help us empower our Veterans, it would be to donate.

We will be doing a Circuit for a Cause Live Stream event in a couple of weeks with the guru of live streaming Rich Greene of Pisces Media.

A live stream is when you are broadcasting live online and you can play the feed on your TV, phone, laptop, iPad and/or Bluetooth device. When you join our Circuit for a Cause live stream event, you will be able to listen and watch a local favorite Jersey Shore band, The Basso Brothers!!! The Basso Brothers are made up of acoustical talents Felonious J and Professor Paola Basso. Imagine hosting a socially responsible party, getting food delivered by your favorite local restaurant while listening and watching the very entertaining Basso Brothers all from the comforts of your own home. The amazing thing about live streams, you will be able to LISTEN & WATCH. It’s the ability to bring the spirit of our local Jersey Shore Bands to anywhere on any device in the world!!!


THURSDAY JULY 23, 2020 6 PM to 8 PM

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