The Importance of Resistance

Resistance seems to be everywhere. It encompasses itself in the most discreet ways and in the most obvious ways. What starts out as procrastination of certain tasks becomes insurmountable over time.

Sometimes we do it to ourselves and sometimes we let it happen to us. We succumb to the resistance. Once we are aware of its existence we have the option to choose again. We can continue down this path of resistance or we can choose to feel/see/do something different.

This ability to choose again relates to our thoughts and actions we are applying to the resistance we are experiencing. Once we are able to implement gratitude towards what is causing us pain, we suddenly become in a position of power to choose again. Because gratitude is pains kryptonite.

There is this self made up mantra I say it to myself when I am feeling overwhelmed and do not know where to turn:


Be grateful for the mindfulness to feel and experience the resistance.

Be grateful for the strength to choose again.

Be grateful for the Universe’s support of you choosing again.

Be grateful for the time you needed to become aware of the resistance.

Be grateful for the positive impact of being able to choose again.

Fear, anxiety and anger are all emotions that cannot reside within the same soul where there is gratitude. This is how powerful gratitude is in our lives. It can take on the demons and devils and turn them into light and heroes.

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