The Entrepreneurial Veteran

Maybe it was in high school, maybe it was a couple of years out of high school when you began feeling lost and out of place. Maybe you had parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters or friends who served our Country. Maybe the 9-5 grind was leaving you feeling helpless and hopeless, you wanted more. But what….

At some point, enlisting into the military was the right decision for you, so you did it. You served our Country with enthusiasm and patriotism day in and day out. Until one day your calling changed, you felt you needed to come home. Home was different though, your family and friends are older, yet stayed exactly the same. Maybe it was not them that changed, but you.

You are realizing the time spent serving our Country has taken a toll on your mind, body and soul. You are home and settled physically, yet emotionally and spiritually it could not be further from the truth. There is this internal struggle going on that words cannot even describe the upheaval felt inside. You feel like your truth and purpose have long left you and now you do not know what end is up.

Serving in the military has given you a massive head start on the road to being an entrepreneur. Your focus, your determination and your passion while serving in the military is the most effective weapon you have in combating the silent epidemic impacting our brothers and sisters.

Just like when you enthusiastically signed up to serve our great Country, you made a promise to defend it at all costs. We at SFCWR are asking you to sign up again for something as great as our Country, and it’s YOU. Just like we are willing to take a bullet for our sisters and brothers in arms, we MUST continue this commitment in honoring ourselves.

Discovering your passion will bring light where there is darkness. It will awaken the greatness that exists within. The journey of discovering your passion will be filled with twists and turns, and just like any obstacle you have been dealt with, you will overcome and be better because of it.

If you are interested in knowing more on how to discover your passion and what to do next email us at We know that after we help you get started on your road to healing, you will be inspired to help your fellow brothers and sisters began their journey of healing.

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