Silent Night, Silent Killer

The holidays are in full swing and it is easy to get caught up in making new traditions and keeping up with the old traditions. As we start a new decade, let’s focus on creating a new tradition. We know on average more than 20 Veterans commit suicide on a daily basis. For every one Veteran suicide, more than 135 individuals are impacted by this tragic event.

This new tradition does not require a monetary contribution, it requires mindfulness. The ROI (return of investment) is phenomenal, uplifting and a total game changer. Thanking a Veteran for their service is a simple way of acknowledging their commitment to our amazing Country and showing them that you see them.

A Veteran transitioning out of the military does not have a structured support system. Their time in the military is structured, rigid and executed with precision, anything less will result in loss of life. Whether they served for several years or several decades, the processing out of the military is not an easy transformation.

Many times the Veteran has no idea of the physiological and psychological changes their body goes through as it is preparing to get into a new “norm”. Because they are struggling to understand themselves, they are unable to communicate effectively to their support system as to what they can do to help them. Veterans are not looking for a hand-out. They are seeking to understand themselves and it is our responsibility to support them by whatever means possible to assist them in figuring out their new “norm”.

Whether a Veteran is in the process of transitioning out of the military right this minute or they have been out for decades, it’s crucial we acknowledge their service and validate for them that if they are struggling, not to do it silently. They have to be able to speak their truth and disclose their struggles. No more “squashing it”, no more “suck it up buttercup” and no more “get over it”.

We have our Veterans backs (;IGY6). The semicolon is in teal to represent PTSD awareness, I Got Your 6 (Back) like 6 o’clock. The number 6 is in red to represent the blood being shed from suicide. Veteran suicide will remain as long as there is darkness, once we bring the light and compassion, the darkness will ultimately go away.

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