We Educate & Empower Veterans To Do Amazing Things!

Veterans are the brave men and women of the nation who are not afraid to step into danger and defend our country. They are our family, neighbors, and First Responders.

Yet, most Veterans and First Responders struggle to transition from such stressful environments back into a slower paced off the clock “civilian” lifestyle – they don’t know how to act, how to think or even how to respond within common civilian environments. If they are not serving their Country and/or community, they are not sure what their purpose and passion is! This is the main reason why there is such a high suicide rate among our Veterans and First Responders.

As an Army Veteran, one of our Co-Founders, SFC William “Will” Rommel, found himself in these very shoes and struggled to discover his true passions and purpose, and he knew he was not alone. In addition to serving his Country, Will served as a First Responder, specifically as a firefighter and as a police officer.

Will found himself in a constant state of struggle about what to do next at this stage of his life, how to utilize his skills and talents, how to manage his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) which he faces on a daily basis, and struggled daily to keep his mindset positive.

Many of the programs and services currently being offered to our Veterans are focused on helping them integrate back into “civilian life”, rather than empowering them with entrepreneurship skills which would allow them to do more than just survive, they would be able to thrive!

Our Veterans and First Responders are disciplined, organized, methodical, adaptive and quick learners. Their braveness is unsurpassed and are more than willing to step into the unknown head-first when the situation requires it! All with no regard to the impact on themselves!

This brings us to the WHY of our nonprofit.

We started this nonprofit to give Veterans an outlet to explore and dive into their passions. We have programs for Veterans and non Veterans looking to pursue their goals which aligns resources and tools they need to pursue their goals and dreams.

We also educate the public on how to relate to our Veterans. Currently LESS than 1% of the US population serves in the military.

We remind our struggling Veterans they are not forgotten and we remind the communities the immense value Veterans provide.

We believe by empowering Veterans to become entrepreneurs, it becomes the much needed catalysts for change which will decrease suicide rates, depression, anxiety, self-loathing, and other “negative” mindsets and behaviors a majority of our Veterans go through upon their return home.

Now is the time to roll up our sleeves, bring out our inner flame, buckle up our boots and commit ourselves to building amazing business and nonprofits with the focus on changing lives in our communities.

We will have community with unity!

Service Dog Team – Will & Rio